The lyrics of "Tin Machine" by Tin Machine touch on themes of dissatisfaction with society and a desire for change. The song criticizes the ills of the world, from violence and addiction to political corruption and environmental destruction, while expressing a sense of frustration and alienation. It calls for a new way of thinking and a break from the negative cycles of the past.

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Meaning of "Tin Machine" by Tin Machine

"Tin Machine" by Tin Machine delves deep into the darker aspects of society and personal struggles. By mentioning zombies, abusive men, corrupt preachers, and political leaders, the song conveys a sense of hopelessness and disgust towards the state of the world. The lyrics also touch on the desire for clarity, power, and change, calling for a revolution from the current destructive path to one of progress and innovation. The reference to a "new computer thing" emphasizes the need for advancement and breaking away from the current destructive norms. Overall, the song can be interpreted as a plea for a better world and a critique of the societal injustices and personal struggles that plague mankind.