The lyrics depict feelings of disillusionment and frustration with authority figures, particularly the government and law enforcement. The singer expresses a sense of hopelessness and scepticism towards the world's current state and the issues surrounding politics, corruption, and war.

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Meaning of "Time Is Coming" by Testament

The lyrics of "Time Is Coming" by Testament reflect a sense of deep disillusionment and disenchantment with the state of the world and those in positions of power. The singer expresses a strong distrust of authority figures, particularly criticizing the government and law enforcement for their corruption and greed. The lyrics touch on themes of injustice, war, and the manipulation of the people by those in power. The repeated mentions of feeling sick and tired indicate a sense of weariness and frustration with the status quo, with the singer feeling powerless in the face of systemic issues. Overall, the song conveys a message of skepticism towards authority and a desire for change, highlighting the need for people to question and challenge the existing power structures.