The lyrics of "Big Day" by Tahiti 80 talk about seizing opportunities and taking chances to shine. The singer encourages the listener to come and get what's waiting for them, emphasizing the importance of taking a risk and going for it.

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Meaning of "Big Day" by Tahiti 80

The lyrics of "Big Day" convey a message of motivation, encouragement, and empowerment. The repeated phrases "Come and get it, come and get it now" and "Such a big day waiting for you" create a sense of urgency and importance, urging the listener to take action and not let opportunities slip away. The song suggests that by being willing to take a chance, the listener can shine and make the most of what life has to offer. The references to getting closer to someone and the excitement of a new day rising could also hint at personal growth and new beginnings. Overall, the lyrics inspire a positive attitude towards embracing opportunities and making the most out of life.