The narrator expresses their journey of finding peace and love after feeling lost and in pain, until something unexpected happens and they realize they need someone who also needs them in return, leading to a newfound sense of joy and completeness.

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Meaning of "Something Out of the Blue" by Stevie Wonder

The lyrics of "Something Out of the Blue" convey a poignant message about the transformative power of love and finding solace in a seemingly chaotic world. The narrator reflects on a time of inner turmoil and despair when peace seemed elusive, but then unexpectedly, love enters their life. This love is portrayed as a healing force that not only brings joy and gladness but also restores hope and belief in the power of love. The notion of mutual need and reciprocity in love is highlighted as something that brings fulfillment and completeness to the narrator's life. Overall, the song explores themes of love, hope, and the profound impact that a meaningful connection with someone can have on one's life.