The lyrics of "Love, Patiently" talk about the struggles of opening up to love. The narrator reflects on past relationships where they ran from the touch of a loved one, unable to stay patient in love. They acknowledge that there is something worth loving in them but struggle to fully accept it.

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Meaning of "Love, Patiently" by Shakey Graves

The lyrics of "Love, Patiently" delve into the internal conflict of the narrator when it comes to love and relationships. The narrator seems to have a fear of intimacy and vulnerability, which leads them to push away those who care for them. They recognize that there is a part of them worth loving, but their inability to embrace this leads to a pattern of running away from love. The reference to missing someone once in a blue moon highlights the sporadic nature of their connections and the fear of commitment. Overall, the song explores the complexity of human emotions, the struggle to accept love, and the difficulty of staying patient when it comes to matters of the heart.