The lyrics of "Clockwork" talk about the artist's determination to stay true to himself, resist societal norms, and embrace his unconventional nature. He rejects conformity and challenges those who try to impose it on him, expressing a sense of rebellion and independence.

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Meaning of "Clockwork" by Roots Manuva

"Clockwork" by Roots Manuva delves into themes of individuality, rebellion, and staying true to oneself in the face of societal pressures. The artist paints a vivid picture of his refusal to conform to mainstream expectations, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and self-discovery. The lyrics speak to the struggles of maintaining one's identity in a world that often tries to impose its beliefs and standards. Roots Manuva challenges the listener to question authority and think independently, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and resist the urge to blend in with the crowd. The song conveys a powerful message of empowerment and self-acceptance, urging listeners to live boldly and unapologetically.