The lyrics describe the rapper's lyrical prowess, confidence, and ability to captivate an audience with his rhymes. The verses reference the artist's skill in storytelling, wordplay, and delivery, showcasing their talent and unique style.

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Meaning of "It's Like That" by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

The lyrics of "It's Like That" by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth delve into the world of hip-hop and rap, emphasizing the importance of lyricism, skill, and confidence in the genre. The artists boast about their abilities and talents, highlighting their unique style and approach to music. The verses also touch upon themes of authenticity, creativity, and dedication to their craft, suggesting that true artistry comes from staying true to oneself and consistently delivering quality content. The playful wordplay and clever rhymes showcase the artists' creativity and intelligence, positioning them as masters of their craft. Overall, the song serves as a testament to the power of hip-hop as a medium of self-expression and artistic prowess.