The lyrics convey a sense of peace and contentment as the narrator reflects on the beauty of nature and the importance of relationships, hoping that their loved ones know they're doing well.

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Meaning of "TSMM" by Perpetual Groove

The lyrics of "TSMM" by Perpetual Groove capture a moment of tranquility and reflection, as the narrator finds solace in the simple beauty of a sunset and the quietness of a phone not ringing. The song speaks to the importance of connections with others, expressing a desire for loved ones to know that everything is okay. The repeated refrain of "Lord to keep shining" could be a plea for guidance and positivity in a sometimes chaotic world, as the narrator finds comfort in the idea of a steady light to guide them through life's ups and downs. The gentle, soothing tone of the song suggests a sense of acceptance and peace, embracing the present moment and finding joy in the small things that bring happiness.