The lyrics depict a man expressing his love and willingness to spoil his partner with material possessions and affection. He promises to provide everything she desires in exchange for her love and companionship, highlighting his desire to make her happy and fulfill her needs.

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Meaning of "What U Want" by Next

The lyrics of "What U Want" by Next delve into themes of materialism, desire, and relationships. The narrator, Beanie, portrays a sense of devotion and generosity towards his love interest, offering to fulfill all her desires and provide her with whatever she wants. The song emphasizes the exchange between partners in a relationship, where one is willing to give everything they have in order to make the other happy. Beanie's lyrics reflect a sense of loyalty and commitment, as he promises to be there for his partner emotionally and financially, showcasing a deep level of care and affection. The overall message highlights the dynamics of give and take in relationships, as well as the importance of understanding and meeting each other's needs.