The lyrics of "Last Lion of Albion" describe a sense of loss and impending extinction felt by a powerful entity, symbolized by a lion, as it sees its image co-opted and exploited by others throughout history.

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Meaning of "Last Lion of Albion" by Neko Case

In "Last Lion of Albion," Neko Case uses the imagery of a majestic lion to represent strength, power, and a sense of fading importance. The lion, initially portrayed as a creature of pride and dignity, is gradually stripped of its significance as it sees its likeness used on currency and exploited by society. The repeated reference to feeling "extinction" highlights the inevitability of decline and loss faced by even the mightiest beings over time. The lyrics also touch on themes of exploitation, betrayal, and the erosion of identity as something cherished is reduced to a mere symbol for others' gain. Ultimately, the song portrays a poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of power and legacy, urging listeners to consider the transience of all things.