The lyrics of "Anxiety" by Goldfinger talk about facing anxiety and the internal struggle of trying to control it, but ultimately realizing the need to let go and feel the emotions to heal. The song emphasizes the idea that the difficult times will pass.

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Meaning of "Anxiety" by Goldfinger

The lyrics of "Anxiety" convey a message of acceptance and surrender when faced with overwhelming emotions such as anxiety. The narrator addresses the listener who is struggling with fear and encourages them to acknowledge their feelings rather than suppress them. The repeated line "It's not your time, yeah" serves as a reminder that despite the current turmoil, there is hope and that the tough moments will eventually fade away. By allowing oneself to experience the emotions fully and not trying to control everything, healing and growth can take place. The song captures the universal experience of anxiety and offers a message of reassurance and resilience to those battling with their inner demons. It encourages a sense of self-compassion and understanding that it's okay to feel overwhelmed at times, but also to have faith in the process of healing and renewal.