The lyrics of "Your Name Is Jesus" by Fred Hammond express love, faithfulness, and sacrifice towards Jesus Christ. The singer praises Jesus for his ability to bring healing and forgiveness, emphasizing the power and significance of his name in changing circumstances and saving lives.

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Meaning of "Your Name Is Jesus" by Fred Hammond

"Your Name Is Jesus" by Fred Hammond delves into the profound love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The singer highlights the transformative power of the name of Jesus, portraying it as a beacon of hope and solace in times of pain or struggle. The lyrics underscore Jesus' willingness to give his life for the salvation of humanity, emphasizing the forgiveness and redemption available to all who turn to him. The chorus repetition of Jesus' name reflects a deep reverence and gratitude for his sacrifice, emphasizing the personal connection and devotion the singer feels towards Jesus. Overall, the song serves as a heartfelt exhortation to others to recognize the love, healing, and forgiveness that Jesus offers unconditionally.