The song reflects on the changes that come with fame and success, highlighting how some people switch up and become envious while others remain loyal. Fabolous emphasizes staying true to oneself despite the temptations and challenges that fame brings.

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Meaning of "Change You Or Change Me" by Fabolous

"Change You Or Change Me" by Fabolous delves into the impact of fame and success on relationships and personal integrity. The artist reflects on how his life has evolved since becoming successful, pointing out the shifting dynamics with friends, foes, and the public. He mentions staying grounded despite the glitz and glamour, staying loyal to those who have been genuine, and not letting negative influences alter his character. The lyrics also touch on the struggles of maintaining authenticity in a world where envy and betrayal are prevalent. Fabolous seems to be cautioning others, especially those in the music industry, to stay true to themselves and not let external pressures change who they are at their core.

The artist's message is a reminder to prioritize values and relationships over material gains and fleeting fame. It is a call to remember where one comes from, to appreciate true connections, and to navigate success with integrity and humility. The lyrics offer insight into the psychological toll of fame, the challenges of navigating new relationships, and the importance of self-awareness and self-preservation in an industry that can easily corrupt one's identity.