The lyrics of "Power Of A Woman" by Eternal express the strength, confidence, and control that a woman can have in a relationship. The singer emphasizes her ability to give real love and be there for her partner, while also expecting a strong man who won't give up easily. She asserts that love has the power to take over and bring a sense of fulfillment to both the body and soul.

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Meaning of "Power Of A Woman" by Eternal

"Power Of A Woman" explores the power dynamics in a romantic relationship, highlighting the strength and control that a woman can possess. The lyrics suggest that the singer has experienced love and its challenges, but she remains resilient, picking herself up off the floor and continuing to give love. She frames herself as a strong woman who is ready to take on the role of a partner and provide the love her significant other needs. The idea of power here is not about dominance, but rather about the ability to nurture, support, and lead in a relationship. This is reinforced by the repeated line "You need the power of a woman, let me take control, body mind, and soul."

The lyrics also emphasize the importance of communication and understanding within a relationship. The singer expresses the need for her partner to be a "strong man" who is willing to fight for their love and understands her need for affection and attention. There is a desire for a mutual connection, where both partners are engaged and committed to making the relationship work. This is represented by the line "Can you keep my fire burning morning to night?" which suggests the singer's need for consistent passion and dedication from her partner.

Overall, the lyrics present a confident and assertive portrayal of femininity. The singer highlights her worth and the love she can offer, while also promoting the idea that love has the ability to empower and fulfill both partners. It challenges traditional gender roles by asserting the strength and power of a woman in a relationship.