"Rainbows" by Dennis Wilson expresses a feeling of joy and love, with imagery of rainbows, sunshine, birds singing, flowers blooming, and the earth opening up to embrace the speaker. The lyrics talk about the happiness of being with a loved one, enjoying good times, and feeling fine. The speaker expresses deep love and a desire to be close to their partner.

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Meaning of "Rainbows" by Dennis Wilson

The lyrics of "Rainbows" by Dennis Wilson convey a sense of overwhelming love and contentment. The imagery of rainbows, sunshine, birds singing, and flowers blooming creates a picturesque setting of beauty and joy. The speaker expresses their deep affection and love for their partner, emphasizing the importance of being together and feeling the happiness that love brings. The repetition of "I love you, I love you so" highlights the intensity of the emotions being conveyed. The line "I could never tell you why I know, but I do" speaks to the inexplicable nature of love and the deep connection the speaker feels towards their partner. Overall, the song captures the blissful feeling of being in love and cherishing every moment spent with a loved one.