The lyrics depict a sense of feeling trapped and suffocated by external pressures, with a desire to break free and let go. The image of a Molotov cocktail is used to symbolize burning dreams, breaking free from masks and filters imposed by society, and ultimately finding liberation.

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Meaning of "Molotov" by Dead Poetic

"Molotov" by Dead Poetic explores themes of feeling constrained and suffocated by societal expectations and pressures. The imagery of a Molotov cocktail, a symbol of destruction and rebellion, is used to represent the burning of dreams consumed by external influences. The lyrics express a longing to break free from the masks people wear and the filters they hide behind, to show their true selves and be liberated from the constraints of society. The idea of letting go, of light it up and let it fly away, symbolizes a desire for freedom and authenticity, even if it means shedding old beliefs or routines that weigh one down. The repeated chorus reflects a sense of urgency to break free and find liberation, to discard the pain and embrace a new beginning. Overall, the song conveys a message of empowerment, resilience, and the importance of staying true to oneself amidst external pressures.