The lyrics express the feeling of a deep connection between two individuals, with the singer finding reassurance and comfort in the presence of the other person. Despite not believing in magic, the singer feels a strong bond and a reason to stay with their partner.

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Meaning of "Stay" by David Guetta

The lyrics of "Stay" by David Guetta convey a sense of profound connection and affection between two individuals. The repeated emphasis on feeling the other person in a kiss and seeing them in the stars suggests a spiritual or cosmic connection beyond the physical realm. Despite the singer's skepticism about magic, there is a certainty and recognition of the other person's essence and importance. The repeated chorus of wanting the other person to stay highlights the desire for continuity and the emotional fulfillment that comes from being together. Overall, the lyrics capture the universal experience of finding love and finding a reason to stay committed and connected to that special person, even in the face of doubt or uncertainty.