The song "Alabaster Box" by CeCe Winans tells the story of a woman who comes to Jesus, despite facing judgment and shame from others. She pours out her love for Him, symbolized by the oil in her alabaster box. The lyrics also speak of the singer's personal journey, from being bound by sin to experiencing the healing touch of Jesus. It is a declaration of gratitude and praise for the forgiveness and love she has received.

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Meaning of "Alabaster Box" by CeCe Winans

"Alabaster Box" is a powerful song that explores themes of love, forgiveness, and the cost of worship. The lyrics draw inspiration from the biblical story of Mary of Bethany, who poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet, anointing Him as an act of worship. The woman in the song can be seen as a representation of anyone who approaches Jesus with a sincere and repentant heart, regardless of their past sins or societal judgment.

The song begins by describing the judgment and rejection the woman faced from others as she made her way to Jesus. Despite the shame and whispers, she continued on, undeterred. This shows her determination and her recognition that Jesus is the only one who can bring her healing and acceptance. By pouring out her love from her box of alabaster, she is offering her most valuable possession to Jesus as an act of surrender and worship.

The lyrics also highlight the personal journey of the singer, who was once a prisoner to sin. The "treasure box" she thought she had found, which could refer to worldly desires or temporary pleasures, is no match for the love and salvation she found in Jesus. The touch of Jesus has healed her soul and transformed her life, leading her to give back all the praise and worship He is worthy of. Her gratitude and love for Jesus stem from the forgiveness she has received, and her desire to honor Him.

The final verse of the song emphasizes the cost of worship, specifically the cost of the oil in the alabaster box. This can be seen metaphorically as the sacrifice of one's heart, time, and resources in worshiping and serving God. The woman in the song recognizes that those who have not experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus may not understand the true value of her praise. She declares that they do not know the cost of the oil, symbolizing the depth and significance of her worship.

Overall, "Alabaster Box" is a song that expresses deep gratitude, love, and reverence for Jesus. It celebrates the transformative power of His love and the freedom that comes from accepting His forgiveness. It also serves as a reminder of the cost of worship, inviting listeners to consider the value and sacrifice involved in offering oneself wholly to God.