The lyrics describe a sense of longing and alienation, as the singer feels like a stranger in the town they should belong to. They reflect on the emptiness and lack of recognition in their relationships, expressing a desire for connection and understanding.

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Meaning of "Boys and Girls" by Bryan Ferry

The lyrics of "Boys and Girls" by Bryan Ferry convey a deep sense of isolation and disconnectedness. The mention of being a stranger in one's own town implies a feeling of not fitting in or not being understood by those around them. The reference to a wailing saxophone and all the sin that the singer can take suggests a melancholic acceptance of the darker aspects of life. The line "All the good has turned to bad" highlights a sense of disillusionment and disappointment with the way things have turned out. The final lines of the song, with death being portrayed as a friend yet to be met, suggest a morbid reflection on mortality and the inevitable nature of human existence. Overall, the lyrics paint a picture of someone who feels lost and unseen, yearning for deeper connections and a sense of belonging.