The lyrics of "Turn to Stone" describe a woman from the past who is cursed with a fatal destiny and the power to cast a deadly spell on those who cross her. Despite efforts to run from fate, her evil nature ultimately turns the hearts of others to stone, leading to destruction.

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Meaning of "Turn to Stone" by Black Sabbath

The lyrics of "Turn to Stone" present a powerful narrative about the inevitability of fate and the consequences of crossing paths with darkness. The woman described in the song is depicted as a malevolent force, cursed with destructive powers that impact those around her. The imagery of turning hearts to stone symbolizes the transformation of innocence into cold, unfeeling barriers as a result of encountering evil. The concept of fate and destiny is a central theme, suggesting that some forces cannot be escaped or avoided, no matter how hard one tries. The song serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of encountering malevolence and the lasting impact it can have on individuals. Overall, "Turn to Stone" paints a vivid picture of a dark and foreboding presence that leaves destruction in its wake, highlighting the timeless struggle between good and evil.