The lyrics convey a sense of anger and betrayal towards someone who has stolen from the speaker, denying their actions and lying about it. The speaker expresses personal animosity towards this person for their deceitful behavior.

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Meaning of "You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!" by Black Flag

The lyrics of "You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!" by Black Flag delve into themes of betrayal, theft, and denial. The song captures the deep sense of anger and resentment felt towards someone who has not only stolen from the speaker but also tried to deny and cover up their actions. The repetition of "You deny" emphasizes the frustration and disbelief at the dishonesty of the person in question. The use of profanity and harsh language reflects the intensity of the emotions involved, as well as the feeling of being wronged and deceived. The lyrics suggest that despite the denial and deceit of the individual, the speaker is fully aware of the truth and holds a deep grudge against them. The final lines, "You die / But the love of your own / You've got / Nowhere to go but down," hint at the ultimate downfall and isolation of the person who has committed these acts of betrayal. Overall, the lyrics convey a powerful message about the consequences of deceit and the impact it can have on relationships and trust.