The lyrics of "Submarine" by Björk express a sense of urgency and a call to action, specifically to document submarine behavior and to wake up from a heavy deep sleep.

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Meaning of "Submarine" by Björk

The lyrics of "Submarine" by Björk seem to suggest a sense of awakening and a call to action. The repeated phrases "Do it now!" and "Shake us out of the heavy deep sleep" indicate a sense of urgency, urging the listener to take action and not remain passive. The idea of documenting submarine behavior could symbolize the need to explore hidden or submerged aspects of oneself or society that need to be brought to light. The call to return and shake oneself out of a deep sleep could represent a desire for personal or collective transformation, a breaking free from routine or complacency, and awakening to new possibilities. Overall, the lyrics seem to convey a sense of urgency, awakening, and the need for change.