The lyrics of "So Much More" reflect the narrator's experiences in London, feeling lost and disconnected. The constant cold weather is a backdrop for feelings of isolation, longing, and a search for something more meaningful. The narrator struggles with feelings of being alive but not knowing how to truly live.

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Meaning of "So Much More" by Beth Orton

"So Much More" delves into the themes of disconnection, loneliness, and existential confusion. The cold London nights and days serve as a metaphor for the emotional coldness and detachment the narrator feels. The repeated phrases "I don't know how to live" and "Please excuse me" convey a sense of helplessness and a desire to connect with something deeper and more significant. The lyrics capture the universal struggle of feeling alive, yet not knowing how to fully engage with life. The escalator imagery symbolizes the feeling of going through motions without actually progressing or arriving anywhere meaningful. The constant search for air to breathe reflects the quest for meaning and purpose in life. Overall, the song paints a poignant picture of yearning for connection, understanding, and vitality in a world that often feels empty and isolating.