The lyrics of "Swollen" by Bent describe a sense of peace and contentment found in a romantic relationship, where the presence of the loved one electrifies and brings a feeling of being truly alive. The love is described as swollen, made of a balance between quiet and loud elements, providing stability like an anchor while also offering lightness and freedom like a cloud.

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Meaning of "Swollen" by Bent

The lyrics of "Swollen" by Bent depict a deep sense of fulfillment and tranquility found in a romantic relationship. The imagery of a garden symbolizes a safe and nurturing space where the singer feels at peace and truly alive with their loved one. The lyrical repetition of "For always" emphasizes the desire for eternal connection and presence in the relationship. Describing love as "swollen" reflects a sense of fullness and intensity, with a delicate balance between being grounded and uplifted. The comparison to an anchor suggests security and stability, while likening it to a cloud conveys a sense of lightness and freedom. Overall, the lyrics evoke a serene and harmonious love that combines strength and gentleness, providing a sense of grounding yet allowing for a sense of boundless possibility.