The lyrics of "Less" by Ben Harper discuss the idea that simplicity and lower expectations can lead to greater happiness. The narrator talks about how no matter what they do, the other person is never satisfied, and that the problem with the world is that everyone isn't like them. The song emphasizes that being content with less can lead to true happiness.

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Meaning of "Less" by Ben Harper

"Less" by Ben Harper delves into the concept of contentment and finding happiness in simplicity. The narrator sings about their efforts to please someone else, only to realize that no amount of giving will make them happy. The song suggests that lowering expectations and finding joy in the little things can lead to greater satisfaction. The line "the problem with the world is everyone's not just like you" implies a desire for others to appreciate the same simple joys that the narrator does, highlighting the importance of perspective and individual differences in finding happiness. Overall, the song serves as a reminder to appreciate what one has and find happiness in the present rather than constantly striving for more.