The narrator is scared of expressing her feelings to someone she loves, afraid of being vulnerable and rejected. She reflects on past experiences where she didn't take the chance to love someone, and advises herself to tell him how she feels. Love is portrayed as a gift that brings light and warmth, and the narrator urges herself to hold on to love and never let it go.

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Meaning of "Tell Him" by Barbra Streisand

"Tell Him" by Barbra Streisand is a song about overcoming fear and expressing one's true feelings of love. The narrator is filled with apprehension, afraid of being perceived as weak or foolish if she opens up her heart. However, she acknowledges the possibility that her love interest might be thinking of someone else or be already in love. The fear of rejection and the cruelty of life leaves her paralyzed, unsure of what action to take. Through her own experiences, though, the narrator imparts the wisdom that one must not let the chance to love someone pass them by.

The chorus serves as the turning point where the narrator urges herself to take action and tell him how she truly feels. The imagery of the sun and moon rising in his eyes represents the beauty and significance of his presence in her life. By reaching out to him and whispering tender words, she hopes to create a connection and bring her love to life. The desire to hold him close and feel his heart beat reflects an intimate longing for deeper connection and affection.

Love is portrayed as a precious gift that one gives to oneself. The lyrics suggest that love brings light, warmth, and a sense of purpose. It is described as a steady flame that grows and needs to be fed with passion. The narrator encourages herself to embrace love, believing that it will assume its rightful place and create lasting memories. Blind faith is celebrated as a guiding force that leads love to where it needs to be.

Overall, "Tell Him" is a heartfelt plea to overcome fear and embrace vulnerability in the pursuit of love. It emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and expressing genuine emotions. Love is depicted as a transformative force that brings joy and fulfillment, and the song encourages the listener to never let go of love once it is found.