The singer expresses feelings of loneliness at night since their partner left but is now grateful that they are back. Despite the sleepless nights, being together brings comfort and happiness.

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Meaning of "Another Sleepless Night" by Anne Murray

The lyrics of "Another Sleepless Night" by Anne Murray capture the essence of love and longing for companionship. The singer reminisces about the loneliness experienced in the absence of their partner but finds solace and joy in their presence once they return. The sleepless nights allude to a sense of restlessness and yearning that only dissipates when the two lovers are reunited. The act of holding each other and making love symbolizes the intimacy and connection that bring comfort and fulfillment. The references to the moonlight, flowing love, and orchestrating love's scenario with the radio create a romantic and idyllic setting, highlighting the sentimental nature of the song. Overall, the lyrics convey the idea that love conquers loneliness and brings contentment even during sleepless nights.